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Brammo News And Views / Re: Latest So Cal dealership...
« Last post by protomech on Today at 10:14:07 AM »
Harlan is far and away the #1 Zero dealer. Adding Brammo bikes to his selection is a great thing!
Brammo News And Views / Re: Latest So Cal dealership...
« Last post by frodus on Today at 10:12:26 AM »
This is great news. I think it'll be good for everyone to have more places to buy bikes. I think Harlan is an excellent choice for a dealership.

Harlan... We want mods!
Brammo News And Views / Re: Latest So Cal dealership...
« Last post by Gavin on Today at 08:32:56 AM »
Now just waiting on New Mexico...we are forever the red headed step child of the good old US of A...

Brammo News And Views / Latest So Cal dealership...
« Last post by Gavin on Today at 08:31:44 AM »
Hollywood Electrics...a big deal and glad to see the two come together to sell bikes...

Brammo News And Views / Re: Brammo in Canada
« Last post by rt01 on July 30, 2014, 11:05:09 AM »
Brammo is officially in Canada!!
We had about 30 demo rides and 30 WOWs
Everybody was more than impressed with the Empulse R
The Brammo will be going on tour through western Canada this summer and I will post a schedule when I can.

Brammo Empulse / Re: "clutch slip" like sensation on hard acceleration?
« Last post by 7racer on July 29, 2014, 10:34:31 PM »
Well that was awesome!

Met Justin again today as he was kind enough to fly in and fix my Empulse.  Sure enough, it was the CRG clutch lever that was slightly activating the clutch.  Also, this explains why it would feel good cold as the clutch wasn't heated up and would grab (still had some clutch left) but when it would heat up, it would slip!

He cranked out the repair super fast and even adjusted the cable so I could keep my CRG lever on it without engaging the clutch!  I owe him many beers!

Finally, I don't know what happened but the bike feels a bit more peppy!!?!?!

LOL thanks again Justin and Brammo for the GREAT service!
Brammo Racing / Re: ReFuel Races this weekend at Laguna Seca.
« Last post by BrammoBrian on July 29, 2014, 10:10:57 PM »
Some great coverage of Brammo's record setting ReFuel run:

Can't believe I even managed to get mentioned among the likes of EBoz and ST on my competitive debut.  ;D

Off Topic / Polaris Slingshot
« Last post by EmpulseRider on July 28, 2014, 11:48:09 PM »
You guys have got to see this:

Reminds me of the Ariel Atoms that Brammo used to dabble in. BAD ASS, but can you imagine this beast with a Brammo powertrain? Seeing as they are in cahoots, its certainly possible down the road, right?

Three wheels, requires a helmet and a motorcycle license.
Brammo Empulse / Re: New Brammo Empulse Accessories Catalog
« Last post by Gavin on July 27, 2014, 10:28:44 PM »
So... Want everything in that catalog...except the side bags...

Now I'm imagining Gavin's Empulse with two windshields installed..

The funny thing is...I actually might get 2...the tall one for winter and spring (windy here in spring) and the small one for summer and fall...

Of course I like the naked bike look, so maybe just the tall for winter and spring, and then naked in summer and fall...

or just a small for winter and spring? gah...too many decisions.

Brammo Racing / Re: Mazda Laguna Seca track records
« Last post by BrammoBrian on July 27, 2014, 09:48:46 PM »

Awesome list and thanks for doing the research to pull that together!  So many awesome stories in there about the progress made over the last several years and shows the power of having multiple teams/individuals all working on independent solutions towards the same goal.  I would love to see this information represented as some kind of infographic, as I think it would make it all the more impactful. 

In my mind, the largest progress has been made in the production classes, even though the prototypes tend to get all the attention.  The TTX program has been particularly rewarding for me, having the opportunity to show that what we've learned on the prototype program translates to the production world as well.

Eric's ReFuel lap would've put him on pole for the Laguna FIM ePower race in 2010(!) in front of these guys...

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