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Macho machines and e-driving
« on: July 03, 2015, 12:35:29 AM »
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Macho machines and e-driving

So I pull out onto westbound 19th Ave. from a red-light at Pacheco. Light traffic to my left, but a sedan about ľ block away in the right lane is headed my way. I turn into the same lane and give it the juice in first. That sweet electric torque does its quiet job: 30 mph in 1.5 seconds. Not even close; no worries. I love this machine.

Traffic ahead stopped mostly on the right: So, left signal on, head check, change to middle lane. Repeat, and Iím in the left lane. Sedan, also now in the left lane, is closing on me as I start to ease off for the red light a half block away. I flash my brake lights twice, letting him know that Iím decelerating, gathering electrons with my regenerative braking thatís been mapped by a racer: very aggressive, which is the way I like it. I downshift and flash twice again, then, at 10 mph, finally brake to a stop in the last few feet. Very efficient: 27K miles on this bike, mostly on the SF hills, and the front brake pads barely show any wear. Amazing. I love this machine!

As the light changes and traffic moves, he pulls up alongside me, now in the middle lane. Orange baseball cap on a 40-something dude in a silver Toyota Corolla. Heís yelling. Heís yelling at me. Really angry: ďYOU DRIVE THAT MOTORCYCLE LIKE A GIRL.Ē


For 30 milliseconds, I thought of replying. Nah. Just another cray cray driver. Besides what IS a clever reply to that?

Well, since Iím 71 years old, maybe I should yell my retort, something like, ďMORE LIKE AN OLD LADY!Ē

But, I just shook it off like my cat does when my human weirdness makes no sense to him, and drove homeward bound on my daily commute.

As we approach Sloat, Iím still in the left lane and heís caught up even with me in the right lane and yells something really angry and really loud, over two lanes of traffic, but, gratefully, itís unintelligible in my helmet with the traffic moving. Itís clear heís really worked up and itís equally clear that Iím utterly baffled, and, though mildly curious as to his state of mind, no, still not enough to engage.

I split lanes to Sloat, split lanes to Stonestown, split lanes to SF State, nail it onto 280 and never see his orange cap on top of his thrashing tonsils, ever again.

So Iím thinking what we have here may be the polar opposite of cagers who hate lane splitters because they are easily startled out of their reveries and deem it a dangerous activity.

This guy probably rides, or used to ride, a Harley and if someone doesnít ride all out, probably with beer involved, and take close calls on the street, with their fat biceps hanging out of leather vest, well, theyíre just a pussy. End of story.

Besides thinking most female motorcyclists probably ride very well, thank you, my ego just canít get TOO worked up over a psycho Corolla driver!

Isnít Kalifornia Kultur interesting?

Ted Dillard

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Re: Macho machines and e-driving
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2015, 06:08:51 AM »
I long ago stopped caring what other drivers (and riders) thought or did, and just about never alter my riding or intent in response to them - other than simply to get away from them.  Simply too dangerous. 

I will say, though, I was treated to some Boston wisdom a few years ago.  I was in some heavy traffic on a secondary road going into the city, and this guy in a BMW convert was driving like nobody - least of all me - was on the road.  He cut me off a few times, so at a light I pulled up next to him and, well, let him know my opinion of his skills.  He looked at me, and said, pretty calmly - "When was the last time you got laid?" 


It's now my favorite and most oft-used line. 


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Re: Macho machines and e-driving
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2015, 11:06:13 AM »
Hmmm, first thought, some Harley riders are bad-asses, for sure... but most are pansies. I would have laughed at that chump because odds say he's the latter. If he even rode a Harley (or any motorcycle) at one point, he probably wrecked it doing something stupid, and now he's stuck in a Corolla. Good for him.

The guy in the Bimmer convertible, was he bald or going bald? Combover? Yeah, it appears you havent, but I wouldn't have taken him seriously either.
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