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Servide and Maintenance requirements 9600km - 6000mi

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I have not done six months, to ride a Brammo, and I am arrived to 9200km (5720mi), I will come next maintenance that is to 9600km (6000mi).

In the maintenance list, says to replace the brake oil, and replace the oil of the front suspension.

has anyone ever done this?

I'm coming up on it, (5400mi)  I did bleed my brakes before hitting the track, its pretty easy, I'll try to put some pictures up this evening. 

I haven't replaced my fork oil yet so I'll be interested in hearing how that goes.

nobody knows?

no one

all Brammo's users have less than 9600km - 6000mi.


Virtually Yours:
I have almost 13k miles and I've bleed the brakes twice and the the clutch once. The forks no because if the seals aren't broken and not leaking then don't worry about them. As long as they are not bottoming out or something then everything is fine.

It is also required to repack the steering bearings with grease every 3000 miles.

I am about to replace the suspension oil in the front legs too, but there is no oil specified...
Wondering what is inside now, as the suspension seems pretty harsh, even in the softest setting.

Does anyone know what kind of oil, how much should one leg contain?
Air chamber figures?


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