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problems: second gear up to third

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Hello, I have problems lately with the gearbox, when I have to climb from second to third, especially with the cold engine. Has always been a little delicate move from second to third but is now almost impossible, I have many dead spots, and I can not go up to third gear. 11600 kms bike tine. last oil change to 9600 kms. 10w 30 castrol.Someone can give me some advice or solution?

When you hold the clutch, can you rev the motor?
In other words does the clutch fully open the plates?
My bike needs some time to warm up and get the clutch to fully open.

Is it a mineral oil that u used?

I've never had that issue, but certainly checking out the clutch sounds like a good place to start.

The fact that it's worse when it's cold sounds like you may want to try another oil. I've been using the one my local dealer recommended: Motorex 10W/30- 2T+4T synthetic gear oil. I won't say it has transformed the clunky Italian box into a snicky Honda one, but it shifts reliably.

Since I never use the clutch to upshift I'm not sure what relevance it would have to see if the clutch is disengaging.

If it weren't for downshifting where I use the clutch maybe 30% of the time (mostly when I've slowed considerably and need to drop more than 1 gear), I would probably prefer the clutch to be welded together...

The oil are sinthetic castrol 10w 30 wet clutch,  always i use de clutch. My problem is only de past de second tu third, I need a lot of strength, is more stress for mi every time. Neutral point is the problem, I do not understand why there.


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