Author Topic: Empulse TT Real World Mileage  (Read 223 times)


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Empulse TT Real World Mileage
« on: August 14, 2017, 05:08:14 AM »
Just wonder what everyone is getting for mileage on their Victory Empulse TTs?  I don't think Victory ever mentioned an official range and I heard there was a rumor of it being 140 miles which is baloney. 

I have ridden mine about 1000 miles so far and here's the results I have observed:
60 miles freeway (approx 70mph)
80 miles city or slower speeds (approx 50 mph)

These are estimated ranges which would leave the battery at 0%.  I ran it down to like 7% and added a couple miles.  Ideally I wouldn't run it down lower than 10% so I wouldn't ride it more than 50 miles freeway or 70 miles city speeds. 

I've heard from my local Victory dealer that other riders could get 100 miles riding it really carefully.  I've never gotten that unless I charged at a station.  Maybe I'm too heavy on the throttle =/  This is mostly sport mode also.  Maybe I will try on ECO mode, once I broke the bike in I never use ECO mode anymore =P
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Re: Empulse TT Real World Mileage
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2017, 09:35:12 AM »
I have a 2013 Empulse R and Im fairly certain I can get about 65 miles at 70-80mph. I think battery capacity is slightly less than the Victory TT too. I weigh 170 lbs for what its worth... no wind screen either.


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Re: Empulse TT Real World Mileage
« Reply #2 on: August 14, 2017, 01:25:50 PM »
Here's my stats (of course estimated from about 10-15% SOC remaining)

Freeway speeds (60-65mph average) 80-85miles
Highway/City (50mph avg speeds) around 100 miles

A few times i have managed to get close to 90 miles or so on freeway speeds when conditions were good.

Factors determining range:
  • Riding style: Being smooth. Predicting slowdowns/stops and getting off of throttle appropriately greatly helps
  • Weather: Summer helps when the air is thinner at higher temperatures. Also greatly helps when its not windy.
  • Getting the riding weight down and in all seriousness i mean our bodyweight too!
  • A good wind screen
  • Good chain maintenance
  • Trying to have a low drag posture (Though this is not possible most times)

Also what would add to this is probably lowering the unsprung weight of the bike. At this point it looks like an expensive deal to try out anything significant.
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