Author Topic: 2012 Brammo Enertia for sale on San Francisco Craigslist  (Read 314 times)


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2012 Brammo Enertia for sale on San Francisco Craigslist
« on: July 07, 2017, 07:46:31 AM »
It's got some problems, but the seller seems pretty transparent about them:

I bought this about a year ago and rode it often on my 10 mile commute. For that it's great. I've since bought a Leaf and I no longer need this.

This Brammo does have a low cell, so the range was only 20 miles when I tested it. The original format of these batteries is no longer available. I work with electric vehicles, so I know that this will either keep on kickin' as-is for a while, or the lower cell may get worse much quicker than the rest. For this reason, you will not buy this and be disappointed if and when it can no longer make your needed mileage, as you will then part it out on ebay, making most of your money back, or use the drive system for something else. I could do this as well, but if someone can ride it as-is, then so be it. Know that I am Not interested in servicing this. That being said, it really made me smile when I rode it, and hopefully it will make someone else happy as well.

This was their first model and it's got some quirks. A fault code shows up regularly that has no negative affect. Sometimes the controller thinks the motor is too hot, even shortly after you turn it on. I did put new brake pads on the front, the tires look good. It's a bit loud when it charges, due to the fan on the onboard charger which uses a standard 110 outlet. It will get on the 101, but don't expect it to go more than one or two exists as the motor will get too hot in that case, limiting power. Since there is no transmission, it rides like a scooter, but quieter.

Registration is current, clean title. Trades considered, no weed or stolen crap.

Feel free to ask me any questions, and happy CL'ing.
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