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How I lowered the foot pegs
« on: August 21, 2017, 08:11:50 AM »
The closest pegs I could find that are a single mount point and similar style were those that are intended for a Harley XR1200. Maybe others would be even better.  That part that needs extra fitting is the stop or what prevents the peg from going past the full extended down position.
 If you remove your pegs you'll find a threaded hole inside the existing mount a 10mm maybe.
To form a stop in the correct level position I used several washers as a spacer    Whatever the length of the screw was originally too long and it took a couple of attempts at removing fractions of it with a rotary tool to make it the correct length that it would thread up and still hold the spacers firmly in the relatively shallow hole.
 Also I believe the depth is different on each side, so it will take some time trimming and fitting the screws to the correct length.
  In the end I was able to lower them 1.5 inches coupled with the 2" rise on the handlebar put me in a much more up right position.  Oh and for about another $40 I would recommend the gel pad in the seat.
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