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I start this thread with the goal to collect the maximum replacement parts as possible. It may be a part number from a manufacturer or a bike brand and model from which the part fits. It can also be a link to a website site that does custom made parts.

Your inputs are more than welcome, I will update this thread as much as I can :

Brake lever : Ducati 400 620 695 696 796 MONSTER S2R 800
Clutch lever : Ducati 400 620 695 696 796 MONSTER S2R 800
Brake master cylinder : Ducati Monster 696 2008+
Clutch master cylinder : Ducati Monster 696 2008+
Clutch slave cylinder :
Front brake pad :
Rear brake pad : Brembo 07BB2035 (Ducati Monster 696 2008+)
Front calipers :
Rear calipers : Ducati Monster 696 2008+ (not verified)
Front disk brakes :
Rear disk brake :
Speed sensor cable :
Front sprocket : JFT1439-14 Suzuki GSX-R250 RK 1989 (May not be a perfect fit)
Rear sprocket : For Marchesini racing wheels (excluding bike delivered with Marchesini wheels)
Chain : 520 pitch with 93? links
Chain adjusters :
Clutch disks :
Clutch sleek disks :
Front headlight : Yamaha MT-03 or Zero (not verified)
Rear lights :
Turn signals :
Left commands cluster :
Right commands cluster :
Throttle :
Rider pegs :
Passenger pegs :
Empulse R Fork : Fully Adjustable 43mm Marzocchi Fork
Empulse Fork :
Empulse R rear suspension : Fully Adjustable Sachs Shock
Empulse rear suspension :
Fork oil seal : Brand: Ariete Dimensions: 43 x 54 x 11 (DCY) Part # ARI118
Fork dust seal : Brand: Ariete Dimensions: 43 x 54.4 x 4.6/14 Part #: ARI119

I know the headlight is the same as the Zero motorcycle headlight it uses H4 bulbs also.

I believe the headlight (based on a post on this forum) is from a 2006 Yamaha MT03.  It is identical to the Zero.

Another forum post shows the clutch and brake master cylinder are from a 2008+ Ducati Monster 696.  Someone has also figured out what the clutch slave cylinder came from but I can't find that post

I know you can just throw any kind of grips you want on there but the stock grips on my Empulse TT are Spider Peak grips.  Which so happens to be my favorite grip :)

Found fork seals on ebay here are the specs

Brand: Ariete
Dimensions: 43 x 54 x 11 (DCY)
Fits: Brammo USA EMPULSE 2012-14 (Will it fit Victory?)
Part # ARI118

Brand: Ariete
Dimensions: 43 x 54.4 x 4.6/14
Fits: Brammo USA EMPULSE R 2012-14
Part #: ARI119

Also I noticed when I rode the Energica Eva it had the Gold Marzochi forks the upgraded forks for the Empulse TT has.  So we may be able to source parts for those through Energica.  Does anyone know if the black and the gold forks share the same seals?

Oh I'm on a roll today I found EBC brake pads for the Empulse, the front pads and discs are the same for both sides.  I've also noticed that the Empulse TT has a different rear pad FA213 VS  Empulse R FA244.  One ebay it list FA266 as compatible for Empulse TT.  So that is kind of alarming and they do not list the discs either.  So If anyone has replaced any of these components please confirm they are compatible.  I've never seen an Empulse R but I'd imagine they use the same brakes?  Oh yeah I forgot the TT has a different rear wheel its narrower so the TT's pads and discs may be different also.  I'd imagine everything in the front is the same.  It's a mystery to me...

I took the info from EBC website
Empulse TT

Empulse R


Front Pads
EPFA Pro Sintered Pads
Part#: EPFA244HH

Part#: FA244

Double H Sintered
Part#: FA244HH

Semi Sintered
Part#: FA244V

GPFAX Sintered Road
Part#: GPFAX244HH

Rear Pads
Organic FA
Part#: FA266

Double H Sintered
Part#: FA266HH

Semi Sintered V
Part#: FA266V

Front Discs
X Brake Disc
Outer Diameter: 320mm
Bore Diameter: 64.2mm
Number of Bolt Holes: 6
Part#: MD614X

XC Brake Disc
Part#: MD614XC

Vee Series Black
Part# VR614BLK

Vee Series Blue
Part#: VR615BLU

Vee Series Gold
Part#: VR614GLD

Vee Series Red
Part# VR614RED


Rear Pad
Organic FA
Part#: FA213

Double H Sintered
Part#: FA213HH

Semi Sintered V
Part# FA213V


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